The Best Rare Breed Beef Cuts for Slow Cooking

The Cuts

Boneless cubes, braising steak – These cuts are typically from the chuck or blade and are ideal for casseroling or braising. Buy Braising Steak Here
Brisket – A popular economical joint, taken from the belly, and sold boned and rolled. Ideal for pot-roasting for tender, mouth-watering results. Buy Brisket Here
Daubes – These are from the topside, shoulder block or silverside and trimmed to uniform size. They are perfect for stewing, casseroling or braising.
Oxtail – Generally sold as bone-in pieces, this cut is experiencing a revival. With gentle cooking it makes the most fantastic flavoured soups, stews and casseroles. Buy Oxtail Here
Shin – A well-flavoured cut from the leg which is sold as bone-in or boneless medallion-shaped pieces of meat, perfect for rich and tasty stews and casseroles. Buy Shin Beef Here
Ox kidney – Divided into many small lobes, the whole kidney weighs about 450g (1lb) and is perfect for slow cooking, in particular steak and kidney pudding. Buy Ox Kidney Here

Tips for Casseroling

  • Cool any left over casserole or stew, cover and store in the refrigerator. When reheating you must ensure the food is piping hot before serving.


  • Experiment with different herbs and flavours.