Buy Ethical Meat

Buy Ethical Meat

Many of us enjoy eating meat and feel that a main meal is incomplete without it but how do we buy ethical meat?

There are lots of arguments and reasons why we shouldn’t eat as much meat as we do. We believe that eating meat should be a choice for the individual, but that as an individual you should be aware of the source of the meat that you eat and how it is produced. Throughout our site we want to give you as much information as possible to help you buy ethical meat by telling you about the breeds we use, our farming methods and how to get the most from our meat.

It is widely thought that feeding grain to animals is not a sustainable way to produce meat. Intensive factory farms rely on grain crops like soy to fatten animals quickly and cheaply to satisfy the increasing demand for cheap meat. This has an impact on the environment as vast tracts of land are turned over to growing crops for animal feed. We need our rain forests to sustain wildlife and as part of the Earth’s ecosystem so to lose them to grow feed for animals seems like a tragic waste. The harsh reality is though, that without this intensive farming we would not be able to satisfy the demand for meat. Perhaps the answer is, as many have suggested, that we should eat less meat but find better quality meat for the meat that we do eat. Buying ethical meat doesn’t necessarily involve spending a great deal more money if we buy the right cuts and make the most of them.

Grass fed meat provides a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to grain fed meat. Allowing farm animals to graze on natural pastures, not only means that the animals are eating a diet that they were designed to eat, but also they are growing more slowly and producing a much healthier meat and fat content. Alongside this is the fact that humans can’t digest grass and so the animals are not eating crops that could be consumed by the population.

Cows and sheep are ruminants, which means that they naturally eat grasses, flowers and other vegetation, rather than grain and concentrates. When allowed to forage for this natural diet and grow slowly to maturity, they convert the food that they’re eating into healthy muscle and fat that produces a good balance of healthy fatty acids and other nutrients. The same applies to pigs and poultry. Poultry is predominantly grain fed as they are very efficient at converting this diet into healthy meat, the secret is to allow the poultry to be free range and to be able to forage for insects and other nutrients. Free range and outdoor pigs also have the benefit of being able to forage on a natural diet and put on weight naturally to produce a healthy fat covering.

We have chosen our breeds to be suited to the particular environments of our farms. Because of this our animals thrive and grow naturally at a slow rate, taking much longer to reach maturity than those chosen as commercial breeds for their ability to quickly gain weight. The slow maturing of these breeds produces a much healthier and better quality meat.

We believe that happy animals produce the best meat. Our animals are reared in a stress free environment where they can forage for their own food in social groups in a landscape that they are suited to. At the same time we provide them with extra nutrition and shelter during the winter months when this is appropriate. We only administer antibiotics when it is required for the treatment of specific conditions and these drugs are withdrawn as soon as possible.

For all these reasons we feel that you can have a clear conscience when you buy our meat online and we would encourage you to choose quality over quantity every time. If there is a specific cut or type of meat that you don’t see on our site, please ask us.

If you’d like to know more about our meat, why not ask our head butcher, James?

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