Fresh Herbs to Pair with Lamb & Mutton

Herbs with lamb and mutton

Lamb matches well with lots of herbs and can handle some pretty strong flavours. Marinating with herbs can help to bring out the natural flavour of lamb.

Here are some of the fresh herbs that we think work particularly well with our lamb and mutton.

Anise Hyssop – this is a wonderful herb if you can get it. The liquorice taste of anise goes really well with lamb. Try making an anise hyssop sauce for lamb.

Coriander – used in many middle eastern and Indian dishes alongside lamb. The strength is lost during cooking, so it’s best to use a lot or to add towards the end. Try roast lamb with coriander or coriander in lamb burgers or meatballs.

Dill – is used in lamb dishes in Greece and also in Iran where it’s cooked with rice and then layered with cooked lamb. Try a Swedish lamb stew or roast lamb with dill and lemon.

Mint – has a cleaning effect on the palette that can calm the mustier flavours of lamb and Mutton. Try leg of lamb with basil and mint pesto or lamb with mint jelly.

Oregano – used in Greece with roast lamb making a great combination. Try along with lemon in roasts and on chops.

Rosemary – works well to cut through the greasiness of some lamb dishes and also makes very good sausages. Try a roast leg of lamb studded with rosemary and garlic.

Thyme – has a chemical called Thymol which also exists as a flavour in lamb. This makes it a perfect pairing. Try lamb chops or steaks with thyme and garlic.