Give Mutton a Try!

Mutton leg jointGive Mutton a Try!

To many people who like to eat lamb, mutton comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise. We have been brought up in the UK to think of mutton as an inferior version of lamb, but to many, this is quite the reverse.

Good mutton has the taste and texture of lamb, only multiplied. These older animals are free to roam on the North Yorkshire pastures slowly chewing their merry way through grass, heather and wild herbs and putting on weight naturally and slowly to develop fantastic depth of flavour and fine textured meat. The Taste Tradition mutton also has a good fat covering and as we keep banging on about “fat means flavour”.

The high-quality protein in our mutton, we’re told by those who know, is good for repairing and maintaining our bodies.  Something our ancestors knew instinctively and didn’t need to be told. Mutton has every essential amino acid we need, along with high levels of valuable micronutrients, including easily absorbed iron for energy, zinc to support the immune system, and B vitamins to help with concentration. Since our mutton sheep are allowed to graze on natural pastures, the fat in their meat is an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid, which is heart-healthy and helps protect us against cancer.

Order some mutton today.