Meat Delivery Box

Our Head Butcher’s Selection

You make the choice of the types of meat you want and how often. We’ll select the best cuts and deliver to your door from…


The best quality meat from our farm to your door

Meat Delivery Box

Choose your box

For two people, four people or our large family “super box”

Meat Delivery Choice

Tell us What you Like

You can leave it entirely up to us or let us know your preferences

Meat Delivery Van

We’ll deliver it!

Either just once or as often as you like… the choice is yours

 Taste Tradition Meat Delivery Box

Choosing Your Box

We’ve made three sizes of box available depending on how many you want to feed or how often you want to order. Our smallest box contains smaller joints and portions suitable for two people. The next box up has similar cuts but in larger portions. The super box has a greater range of cuts.

Tell us what you want

“Variety is the spice of life” they say and we don’t all like the same thing. You can choose the type of meats you’d like including in your box and how often to include them. If you’re intolerant to certain things, let us know. We’ll do our best to make the box suit your tastes from our wide range of rare and native breed meat.

 rare and native breed meat
Meat Delivery Box Day

Decide how often

We will change what’s in the box on a weekly basis as James (head butcher) and Charles (farmer) decide what’s particularly good that week. You can try one of our boxes and just have it delivered once or you can have it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The choice is yours. You can stop at any time or take a break if you’re away.