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This is your chance to buy a stake in a specially selected cut of native breed beef.

From time to time we will select a primal cut of beef from the Taste Tradition butchery and set it aside to dry age, with Himalayan rock salt, until it reaches perfection. You can pre-order the cuts that you want and our master butcher will prepare them and deliver them when ready, so that you receive your meat in the best condition possible.

30 day Dry Aged Beer Fed Dexter Cow Beef

Our last event was a “roasting” from a Luing steer, that was reared on a North Yorkshire farm. It sold out almost immediately

Now we’re offering selected cuts of cow beef from a beer fed Dexter cow from Mount Grace Farm in North Yorkshire. Since farmer, Charles Ashbridge appeared on Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday night show, cow beef has taken off with some of the UK’s best chefs. Cow beef comes from a more mature animal and has a deep “beefy” flavour.

This Dexter cow has come from the Taste Tradition “beer fed” Dexter herd. The cow’s diet has been supplemented with beer from a local brewery, Hambleton Ales, giving the resulting beef great marbling and a creamy textured fat.

This is available for delivery from Tuesday next week.

If you’d like us to email you with advanced warning of our next event, please join here.

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