Mutton is the meat from sheep that are over 2 years of age as opposed to lamb that is less than 1 year and hoggett that is somewhere in between. The extra age of mutton gives it a dark colour and extra fat producing a sought after characteristic flavour. As mature animals mutton sheep are at their best, producing meat with a good fat ratio and a firm texture.

We aim, as with all our products, to ensure that our mutton is of a consistent quality to satisfy the standards of both our chef clients and home cooks.That means that we expect a good covering of fat on the meat and that it is dry aged for 14 days in our purpose built maturation room before leaving our butchery.

Our sheep reach maturity on the hills of North Yorkshire where they forage and graze on well draining limestone uplands. In winter their feed is supplemented with root crops to provide the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy flock.

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