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Rare Breed Pork Mini Roast

Perfect sized rare breed pork mini roasts for smaller families or just on your own if you're feeling hungry.

Perfect sized rare breed pork mini roasts for smaller families or just on your own if you're feeling hungry.

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When you buy pork online from Taste Tradition Direct, we want you to have the confidence that you are buying pork that is the best that it can be.

We farm native breeds of pig that are suited to the particular environments of our countryside. This means that they thrive there with few of the problems associated with mass production. Typically, our breeds are Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback, Berkshire, Middle White and Large Black.

We rear our rare breed pigs outdoors and and they are allowed to grow naturally roaming free in groups and foraging in North Yorkshire pastures. The lifestyle our pigs enjoy keeps them happy and stress free which helps to produce a much better quality of meat. It’s important to us to stick to the traditional methods of farming where time is taken to develop and fatten our pigs in a natural way without the need for additives to speed up growth.

The nature of our breeds produce pork with a fuller flavour and a higher natural fat covering that aids in keeping the meat succulent during cooking. This natural fat contains higher levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the right ratio for a healthy diet.

The sows usually produce two litters (9-11 piglets) per year, and are left to furrow unattended in their own outdoor huts.

Our pigs are free from antibiotics unless specifically required and we are lucky enough to have our own vet in the family who constantly monitors their health.

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