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Here you’ll find thoughts and information about our rare breed meat from the Taste Tradition butchery and the Grid Iron Gourmet.

The Best Rare Breed Beef Cuts for Roasting

The Cuts Topside, silverside and mini joint – Taken from the hind quarter and is a large, lean boneless cut of meat with little marbling and a fine-grained texture (marbling is streaks of fat that run through the leaner parts of the muscle). These joints are ideal for roasting as they are very tender and can be carved into lean slices. Mini joints are suitable for smaller households and will serve 2-3 people. Fore rib, boneless rib – A premium roasting cut, this joint is evenly marbled with fat and covered with a layer of natural fat. Boneless rib is …

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The Best Rare Breed Beef Cuts for Slow Cooking

The Cuts Boneless cubes, braising steak – These cuts are typically from the chuck or blade and are ideal for casseroling or braising. Buy Braising Steak Here Brisket – A popular economical joint, taken from the belly, and sold boned and rolled. Ideal for pot-roasting for tender, mouth-watering results. Buy Brisket Here Daubes – These are from the topside, shoulder block or silverside and trimmed to uniform size. They are perfect for stewing, casseroling or braising. Oxtail – Generally sold as bone-in pieces, this cut is experiencing a revival. With gentle cooking it makes the most fantastic flavoured soups, stews and casseroles. Buy Oxtail Here …

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Guide to Shopping for Rare Breed Beef

When shopping for joints allow 225-300g/8-10oz raw meat per person for boneless joints and 300-400g/10-14oz for bone-in joints. Buying rare breed beef from a Taste Tradition Direct will ensure that your beef has been matured long enough to ensure optimum flavour and tenderness. Colour may vary from pink to dark red depending on the age of the animal and the length of hanging or maturing. Streaks of fat that run through the leaner parts of the muscle (referred to as marbling) are beneficial in that they baste the joints during cooking. This fat is often unsaturated fat. As a guide, beef will …

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The Best Rare Breed Beef Cuts for Grilling, Griddling, Pan-frying and BBQ’s

The Cuts Rib eye – Large and slightly rounded steaks cut from the eye of the fore rib. They carry a little more fat than other steaks, giving them a wonderful flavour.  Buy Rib Eye Steaks Here Sirloin – Sold boneless, sirloin steak has a great flavour. Steaks are cut to about 2cm (3/4 inch) thick and have a thin layer of fat running along the top of the steak. Buy Sirloin Steak Here Rump – Larger and with a firmer texture than sirloin steak, rump steak is often considered to have more flavour. Buy Rump Steak Here Fillet – This is the most lean …

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Roasting Meat

Many of us love the occasional roast, particularly on Sunday before starting the week again. What a great time to sit down and eat with friends or loved ones and enjoy some traditional roast meat with all the trimmings. If you haven’t had the benefit of being passed down an age old technique it can seem quite intimidating to roast, what might be, a significant investment. The basic methods for roasting are really not difficult to master and anyone can create the perfect roast if they know the rules. Choose the right cut Make sure that you pick a piece …

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